It is with great sadness that we have to announce the loss of our very special old lady, Laura the Black Lemur. She was the oldest lemur in the world on record, and was only 10 days short of her 37th Birthday. The past week Laura began to slow down and eventually passed away peacefully on Friday morning. She will be greatly missed by all of our members of staff and her daughter Maddie. We all feel privileged to have met, worked with and loved Laura. This is a very hard time for all of us at Porfell.
As planned on Monday 17th April, we will still be celebrating Laura’s Birthday but as a celebration of her long lived life.
We will honor the £2 OFF per person offer on this date, and hope you will join us in celebration of Laura.

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Karyn Knight —

So sad to hear that Laura has passed away. We visited a week ago and are regular visitors, would be nice to see a display in the exhibition room telling her story, would be a fitting memorial.

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Wayne Morria —

Its always sad to hear of a passing in the porfell family. Our deepest sympathies. We come down to our caravan several times a year and we always visit the wildlife park. A wonderful place and a fantastic day out for the children. Keep up the good work, we’ll see you soon this year.

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manuela macdonald —

that really sad hope all is ok now

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Peter brown —

Sorry for your loss

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