Conservation, entertainment, education

Porfell was built on a unique and sensitive partnership between the unspoilt natural beauty of our rich environment and the practical sensible needs of both animals and visitors. Our mission has always been to provide a safe haven for elderly and problem exotic animals for the rest of their lives. The work of our sanctuary is recognised internationally by zoos, wildlife parks and many other environmental organisations.


“Porfell Wildlife Park is important. It reveals the wonder of the natural world and champions conservation at the heart of all we do, but most of all it plays the rare role of protector of the odds and ends of life: the great unwanted, neglected animals of this amazing planet.”

~ Nick Baker, TV Presenter of Weird Creatures


We are committed to developing and maintaining a special attraction which will embody three main objectives: conservation, entertainment and education. We believe that through entertainment and education, we can inspire people to take conservation seriously. We also believe that animals are not on this earth to entertain us, but their very existence is a source of wonder and amazement. That’s why we take in animals of all types at all stages of their life: the ‘cute’ and the ‘ugly’ (whatever those phrases mean), the healthy and the frail…

Here at our animal sanctuary, you’ll see groups of single-sex animals, such as ring-tailed lemurs and elderly animals like our dear old brown lemurs in retirement in a nice heated enclosure. You’ll also see some who breed freely, like the meerkats. Then there are the old favourites like zebra, capybara, owls and coatis. All enjoy environments created to suit their individual needs.

A good example of our approach is the Black lemurs – we have registered to become part of the E.E.P. European Endangered Species Programme to help these very rare lemurs. They are past their breeding prime at the age of 27 but are helping us to highlight the plight of the Black Lemurs of Madagascar.

All the expenses associated with caring for animals are paid from visitors' admission and other sales plus the generosity of animal lovers. Help us to continue with improvements and build new facilities for more animals to be permanently in our care: find out how you can get involved and support Porfell.

 Porfell is…

  • A place where visitors can experience the wonders of nature through observation, stimulation and discovery.
  • Sharing a magical moment of interaction with other creatures.
  • A celebration of the miracle of life. By combining imagination, technology and innovative displays, learning becomes fun and builds a greater awareness and understanding of our place in the natural world.
  • A tireless campaigner for the long-term protection of our environment and the responsible breeding of endangered species.
  • A place where time is unimportant…

Please come here to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this natural theatre of life. Relax, have fun, learn a little, and at the end take with you the unique memories of a day at Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary.