Our GoFundMe appeal has reached the half way point of £10,000!

We cannot thank you all enough for the amount of support we have had during these tough times. Here are some of our updates taken from our GoFundMe page:

“After only just 24 hours since creating this appeal we can safely say everyone here at Porfell are absolutely overwhelmed! Thank you so so much to each and every one of you who has donated and shared so far, we are so grateful for the support we are receiving. Like I said before please don’t donate money you can’t afford as we completely understand that everyone is in a similar position, however just a quick and simple share of our post/page will help us reach as many people as possible.
Once again, a huge thank you to you all!”

“I think we are all getting slightly emotional at the support we are receiving. I’m lost for words, all we can say is just thank you all so so so much.
Just to stop the confusion of a few, we are not putting any animals to sleep! Please read our appeal, we have only mentioned that that would be the absolute worst case scenario as many of our animals would have no where else to go. As so many of you have been so supportive and donated so much already we are far far from the worst. There has also been many offers of rehoming animals so of course if it ever came to it that would be our first choice. We all work so hard to look after these unwanted, surplus and elderly animals and love each and every one of them. Again our appeal mentions that we are only funded by visitors, and as we are unable to be open during what would normally be a busy period, we have had to create a go fund me appeal.

Thank you again to all who has and still is supporting us, we just cannot thank you enough.”

“So after only 4 days we have reached a massive £7,500! Donations are still coming in and we are all so grateful. It has most definitely put our minds at ease a little as we can keep running for a few more weeks. As I keep saying we just cannot thank you all enough for the support you are showing us, thank you. Grace and I have gone slightly crazy being isolated which has caused us to make a video from the animals’ point of view, take a look on our Facebook page, we hope it gives you a little giggle this weekend.

Once again, from all of us at Porfell, thank you all so so so so so much!”

“Hi again! So we’ve had lots going on this week, we had some fun making a few videos, our park owner Joy has been on BBC Radio Cornwall and the donations are still coming in! A huge thank you once again to you all and to those who have sent cheques, food and everyone’s lovely comments. It means so much to us to have the support from you all. After all the fun and games we’ve finally got around to start some much needed painting so fingers crossed for the dry weather to stay. Thanks again, as I always say, we are just so so grateful for everyone’s help. We hope everyone is staying safe, here’s a few more photos to brighten up your day.”

“What a beautiful day today was! Such a shame that we couldn’t share it with our lovely visitors. As you all know we usually have a busy Easter Holidays, bringing us in some much needed money after our closed winter period. Although we are enjoying the sun, it does make us think about how busy we would have been. It’s becoming a running theme, but I would like to thank you all again, and also to those who are still donating food for the animals. We really appreciate it and the animals think it’s Christmas everyday with the extra treats they are getting. We have all been armed with paintbrushes this week trying to brighten up the park in preparation for whenever we can reopen. The animals are all absolutely loving the sunshine and today was one of our young owl’s birthday, Happy 4th Birthday to Kenza! Thanks again for all your support, enjoy your Easter weekend but please remember to stay safe and together we can get through this!”

“Happy Easter supporters! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the sun in the safety of your gardens, the animals love the warmth. There’s lots of maintenance work going on around the park, repairs to enclosures, meaning a few of the animals have had a mini break to other enclosures. Between us we’ve been sprucing up the place with a lick of paint and of course keeping the animals clean, fed, happy and healthy.
It’s been just under 2 weeks since we set this funding page up and we just never thought we’d come as far as we have, just over £9,000! Your support has been absolutely amazing. We’d love to make half our target and are so close so please keep sharing to help us reach the £10,000 mark.
Thank you again to each and every single one of you.”

“What a day! We are so very nearly at our half way target of £10,000!!!! We were trying to think of a video to make to celebrate, any ideas? Another dry day completing a few more maintenance jobs and moved some chickens around. We want to give a shout out to Morrisons and Total Produce for their continued support by donating food supplies. We are so grateful for the extra support as every little really does help. Today is our wimpiest owl’s 4th birthday. He has been with us since only 3 weeks old. Happy birthday to Eggbert, some of you may have seen him in action during our owl displays on a previous visit. Let’s just say he’s enjoying the lockdown the most as he’s known for not taking part in the displays!
Once we have more details we will let you know, but we have the ITV crew coming to film us tomorrow…let’s hope the animals behave. Thank you all again and again, keep staying safe and we hope to see you soon.”

“Hi again, it’s Sophie for those that are getting confused! I’m not sure what we did wrong but for those of you who know me yes I am the one writing the updates
Since I last posted an update we have gone over our half way target of £10,000! We cannot thank you all enough. Just to put that into perspective for you, on average it costs us £2,500 a month just to look after the daily care of our animals, food, water and heating. Including the rest of our overheads e.g. vet bills, insurance, wages, fuel, etc we spend just over £8,000 a month to run the park. These figures don’t include maintenance supplies. So the money donated so far will get us through another month!!! We are so so so grateful and just can’t say thank you enough times to you all for helping us. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Bug and Nelson, our old lemurs, tomorrow evening from 6pm on ITV West Country (unless pushed back then will be Tuesday or Wednesday).
Thank you all again and again! Sophie”

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