Adopt an animal at Porfell

Animal adoption is the unique gift that keeps on giving, a great birthday present for adults and children alike. For £50, in addition to knowing you’re providing a future for endangered species, you also get:

  • Adoption certificate
  • Photograph of your chosen animal
  • Guest pass to meet your animal free (1 visit per year)

Every year we spend £22,000+ just on fruit, veg and basic foodstuffs for our animals. Bedding costs another £12,000, heating £10,000+, and the more animals we take in, the more costs rise. That’s why adopting an animal can make a real difference. It ensures our vital work can keep going. We keep administration costs are kept to an absolute minimum so that your money works hard at improving the conditions for all our animals at Porfell.

We’ve highlighted four animals in our adoption campaign, but you can adopt any animal in the park if you wish. Whoever you choose, remember: by adopting one animal at Porfell, you’re helping them all.


How to adopt

1. Choose your animal.
2. Send a cheque for £50 made out to ‘Porfell Animal Land’ to:

Animal Adoptions
FAO Joy Palmer
Porfell Wildlife Park & Santuary
Nr. Lanreath,
Cornwall PL14 4RE.

Remember to enclose your return address and tell us who the adoption pack is for and what the occasion is.

3. Once we receive your payment, we’ll post your adoption pack out to you. (Let us know who the adoption pack is for and what the occasion is.)

You can adopt any animal in the park, so if your preferred animal isn’t shown, please call us on 01503 220 211 and we’ll do the necessary paperwork.


‘I’m Sparky the Meerkat’

  • I’m 3 years old and counting
  • I love sunbathing standing up
  • My favourite hobby is: digging holes!

Meerkats are from Africa. They’re very social and live in large groups called ‘gangs’. They’re frisky, endearing animals and always a favourite with visitors. Adoption proceeds go into animal welfare such as feeding these meerkats and building better enclosures for them.
Meet the Meerkats

“I’m Bibo the Macaque”

  • I moved in in 2011 with my two Macaque friends, Prins & Gambing
  • I’m not just any old Macaque. I’m a rare mix of Pig-tailed & Crab-eating Macaque
  • Porfell spent £20,000 on a new enclosure for us – because we’re worth it…

Bibo is one of three rare Macaques to arrive at Porfell in 2011. Building a special enclosure to meet their needs was vital to their welfare and is a good example of the sort of work Porfell spends its money on. We put all proceeds to good use for animals that desperately need our help.

Meet the Macaques

“I’m Larry the Lemur”

  • I come from Madagascar, like Julien in the film
  • I love tennis balls, especially when there’s food hidden inside
  • There are five types of Lemur at Porfell, but I’m the best because I’ve got rings on my tail

All Lemur species are vulnerable, some are near extinction. They are native only to the island of Madagascar and their natural  habitat has shrunk to a mere 10% of its original size due to human encroachment. Adoption monies go towards maintaining and improving animal welfare at Porfell.

Meet the Lemurs

“I’m Mac the Coati”

  • I was born in Porfell in 2011
  • But after nine days, I was rejected by my mum 🙁
  • Wendy and the keepers fed me instead and I’m strong now 🙂

Coatis are from the raccoon family and are commonly found in Central & South America. Porfell routinely looks after the neglected and unwanted animals of the world, taking them from parks that no longer need them, private owners who can’t cope etc. But sometimes nature itself is the culprit, as in the case of Mac here, who was rejected by his mum only a few days after birth.

Meet Mac

“Porfell relies on visitors and patrons to keep its vital work going. As a sanctuary, we look after unwanted animals from around the world. Every ticket you buy pays for vet bills, food, building and rescue. But it doesn’t cover all the costs. When you adopt you help to give animals like Sparky a long and happy life”

~ John & Joy Palmer

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