Macaque Monkeys.

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Macaque Monkeys

Macaques have a very intricate social structure and hierarchy. If a macaque that is lower level in the social chain has eaten berries and there are none left for a higher level macaque, then the one higher in status can, within this social organization, remove the berries from the other monkey’s mouth.

Bibo, Prins & Gambing (the three Macaques at Porfell Wildlife Park) came here from AAP Dutch Animal Rescue Centre. Read their story.

We have many different types of Monkey here at Porfell, including a group of Marmosets who arrived in 2011.

Macaque facts

  • Conservation Status:Vulnerable
  • Habitat: wide-ranging including Japan, Afghanistan & North Africa
  • Range: Bonnet, southern India; Crab-eating & Pig-tailed, South East Asia;
  • No of species: 22
  • Species at Porfell: Crab-eating, Pig-tailed, Bonnet
Scientific classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Primates
  • Family: Cercopithecidae
  • Genus: Macaca


Bibo, the Pig-tailed Macaque at Porfell Wildlife Park, Cornwall.

Prins: a Bonnet macaque, now at Porfell Wildlife Park, Cornwall.

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