Opening times today: 10:30am - 4pm. No booking required. Under 3s get in free!

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In close contacts, you will be able to see some of our meerkats, capybara, kinkajou, racoon dogs, cloud rats, red squirrels, Palma wallabies, wallabies and emu, serval cats and savannah cats. All our enclosures have been uniquely designed for you to spot them. Please be aware that some of our residents are nocturnal so you may need to revisit their enclosure to spot them. Each animal has their unique story of how they came to us.

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Very nice place to visit with a range of beautiful exotic animals: emu, zebra, lemurs, peacock,meerkat, reptiles, monkeys, parrots, owl and farm animals: chickens, donkey, sheep, ponies. The walk around took us around 2 hours. There is a picnic area too.

- Ela