Opening times today: 10:30am - 4pm. No booking required. Under 3s get in free!

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Frequently-asked questions


Is the Park wheelchair accessible? What is the ground like?


Can I bring my dog into the park? Are all your animals on display? Why do you only have one animal in an enclosure? Do you take in any unwanted birds? Or any birds that are found?


Is the tearoom open? Can I smoke in the park? Do you accept student placements? Can I go in with any of the animals? Do you do Keeper day experiences? Are all your animals elderly?


How can I support Porfell Wildlife Park? How is Porfell Wild Life Park funded?

Google Reviews


Very nice place to visit with a range of beautiful exotic animals: emu, zebra, lemurs, peacock,meerkat, reptiles, monkeys, parrots, owl and farm animals: chickens, donkey, sheep, ponies. The walk around took us around 2 hours. There is a picnic area too.

- Ela