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Meet the keepers


Rebecca, Head Keeper

Rebecca, Head KeeperI am Rebecca, Head Keeper, and the Primate Keeper here at the park. I started working at Porfell Wildlife Park in 2021 but my journey at this wonderful sanctuary begun many years ago in 2013 when I volunteered alongside their dedicated team. Caring for rescued animals who had either come to us from the pet trade or simply surplus from zoos, often with complex needs and requiring rehabilitation inspired me to pursue a career protecting animals and the environment.

Since 2013, I have completed my diploma in Animal Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology. I do love hands on work and being with the animals, so I continued to volunteer at zoos across the country gaining more experience and then in 2021 I got the opportunity to come back to Porfell a place so close to my heart.

I look after the primates here at Porfell and their monkey business sure does keep me busy! One of my favourite things to do is create environmental enrichments for them to explore and promote natural wild behaviours. I enjoy each aspect of working at a sanctuary, everyday is unique and any challenge is an opportunity to learn and provide the animals with the best care.



MichelleHi my name is Michelle. I work on the hoofstock section of the Park. I am hands on learning with all the animals and learning from all the animal keepers.

I am also the daughter in law of the Park Owner so I am also learning what goes on behind the scenes too by utilizing my skills from previous job roles. I coordinate the students and volunteers.

I do not have a favourite animal as they are all unique in their own way, but Kurt the Donkey is one for his spoilt ways and Eggbert as he is a unique Owl with some quirky traits.

I am also the owner of Doris so if you see her she is friendly but she is more interested in being outside. She can also be an escape artist if I am on shift so please let me know if you see her (as she’s only looking for me).

I love being part of this small team as everyone brings something different to the team which means we get to learn of each other and to utilize all of our skills.



ShayHi everyone! My name is Shay and I have a few different roles here at Porfell!

Firstly, I am a cover keeper which means throughout my working week, I work with every single animal we have here at the park. 

Secondly, I am the park's photographer which means every few months I will spend a few days photographing pretty much all the animals we have here in order to keep their records up to date and also for social media. Additionally, I help to run the Instagram account (@porfellwildlifepark) and the Facebook page as well.

I know you shouldn’t have favourites, but I do have a major soft spot for Boris our Capybara and JP our De Brazza’s monkey!



KaseyThis is Kasey and she is our Parrot Whisper (yes you read this right). Kasey is one of our established volunteers, and we are very grateful that she chooses to volunteer here.

If you see Kasey say hello, she has a wealth of information on our parrots and birds at the Park.



TerriMy name is Terri. I have been a volunteer at Porfell for over 6 years.

My favourite resident is Willow the Savannah Cat.

It is a joy and a privilege to work alongside of the keepers with all the wonderful animals and birds that call Porfell their home.



SamHello, I’m Sam, I have a lifetimes experience with equines, I work naturally, and put a lot of time and effort into communicating in a way the animals I’m working with can understand.

I achieved my level 3 in animal care, specialising in Farm and Hoofstock in 2011. Since then I’ve worked with adults with learning limitations on a working farm and equine site, eventually running the equine side of the farm for several years.

Since moving to Cornwall I have spent three years as a freelance Riding Instructor whilst working during the holidays at Duchy College in their small animal unit at Stoke Climsland.

Animal welfare has always been at the heart of everything I do and I’m excited to be part of the Porfell team and one of the keepers who run the Hoofstock section.


EdHi, I'm Ed. I'm Porfell’s main keeper for Birds, Reptiles and Carnivores and have been in the exotic animal husbandry sector for around three and a half years now.

I have been able to develop a wide breadth of husbandry experience being able to work with everything from the critically endangered Amur Leopard all the way over to jungle nymph stick insects. This also includes over half a decade of private reptile keeping and time spent as a full time bird keeper.

New to my role at Porfell, I see it as an amazing opportunity for me to develop as a keeper.  


DorisHi my name is Doris and you may see me sat in the window on your visit to Porfell Wildlife Park or if you're lucky I may run past you when my mum says I have to go in.

I have been given the title of chief chicken herder and quality control. I like to see what staff have brought in for their lunch and if it's good enough. I am also very good at herding chickens.

My mum works on the farm so if you hear me crying at the window please do not worry, it just means I want to be out on the farm with her.

I like it before the farm opens and as we shut as I get to see all the animals and to make sure they are all ok. I am a good escape artist so if you see me running around please let the staff know.

My favourite animals are the pig, chickens, ferrets and Kurt whos in the background. My happy place is the muck heap as I find all sorts of lovely goodies in there (much to my mum's delight).

I also like it when the keepers feed me cheese and sprats. I dislike it when they try to give me vegtables.



BeaHey I’m Bea and I am an enthusiastic volunteer at Porfell wildlife park. I love all things animal and nature based and I live and work on my family’s farm where I can probably be found with my mob of emus or in the woods somewhere.

Porfell has given me an incredible opportunity to get hands on experience with exotic animals and learn about their care and wellbeing as well as giving me a chance to build confidence with working with others in a different setting.

One of the things I love most about Porfell is the sounds of the park whether that be the wild birds chirping, the macaws squawking or the lemurs shouting at each other whilst they undoubtedly judge the public and keepers of the park.

Porfell is a great place to learn, observe and work with animals and thankfully the people aren’t half bad either.

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Went there today for a short day trip. Overall the sanctuary is amazing with lots of animals and they all seem being taken good care of. Owl show was at 230pm and it was stunning. Children can also consider buying food to feed the animals too (but the goats are currently ill so they can’t be fed). Would love to come again x

- Janice Long Man Chu