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Meet Boris, Capybara

Boris - Capybara

My name is Boris and I am the only Capybara here at Porfell Wildlife Park. The reason for this is because I am a very grumpy Capybara. The staff here have tried to integrate me with another Capybara but I did not like it. I prefer the company of two even more grumpy cockerels Ant and Dec. So what do I like about Porfell Wildlife Park: I like it when my keepers feed me sweet potato, apples and watermelon. I like to pull all my hay out of the hayrack so I can watch my keepers put it back in. I have my own personal swimming pool which my keepers clean for me, then after I will go in it and get it all dirty again for them. When its sunny you may see me outside sunbathing but if not the best time to see me is between 12 -1 pm when I get fed. I also like it when my keepers make me enrichment out of Bamboo. I do like attention but it does take me awhile to get use to people, especially if they are new. However I do not like early mornings, I will tell you off and I am not a fan of the rain.

I am very grateful to Porfell Wildlife Park for giving me a home for life as in previous places I was very grumpy with other animals. If you would like to sponsor me please contact the park or I do like a nice food parcel – just don’t send me parsnips.

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Went there today for a short day trip. Overall the sanctuary is amazing with lots of animals and they all seem being taken good care of. Owl show was at 230pm and it was stunning. Children can also consider buying food to feed the animals too (but the goats are currently ill so they can’t be fed). Would love to come again x

- Janice Long Man Chu