Learn the ways of the Maasai warrior

Explore our authentic African Plains village and see how humans and animals coexist in the wilds of The Great Rift Valley. Make sure you grab your passport before you cross Border Control…

The African Adventure was completed in 2010 after years of planning. It was conceived and developed to reflect how the Maasai people respect the land around them, and so benefit from it. It’s not ‘themed’ – it’s rough around the edges like real Maasai villages are. The huts were built using traditional methods and materials: mud and wicker for the walls and roofs. Inside each hut are displays of Maasai craft, clothing and history.

The village is right in the middle of our African enclosure where zebra, eland and ostrich roam, so don’t be surprised if you see them peeking their heads over the fences!

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