Stumpy’s story – archive

20th October 2010 Poor Stumpy everyone’s favourite lemur.(He runs free in the park and likes to sleep in the house). He’s always begging for bananas from the staff.

Mac the coati grows up

Mac the coatimundi cub was born on April 26, 2011. When he was only a few days old, he was rejected by his mother. So Wendy and the team started to feed him instead.

Join the Lemur’s Tea Party

We’ve opened the doors to Lemur Land and we’re giving visitors the chance of feeding these awesome primates by hand.

Meet the Magnificent Seven

A few weeks ago, seven common marmosets made Porfell Wildlife Park their new home. There are only five in the picture because they move so fast. They’re called: Chris, Britt, Vin, Bernardo, Chico, Harry and Lee.